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8/31/2015, 3:43 AM


Long Time No See

Too many things have happened since I last touched this site even slightly.
Long story short. I put everything on hold.
This comic is my baby and my dream though and I will never give up on it.
Rest assured it will begin properly.

In the time since I've been gone, I grew as an artist. Made more friends, quit a job, got a new job, and lost some inspirations and tragically some amazing friends. (Rest in Peace)
I pretty much took a year off art, but still kept drawing. Did commissions for a bit. Then when I started work, every single day I thought about this story.

Every single bus ride I replayed the events scene by scene that these characters will eventually go through.
I told myself I didn't want to properly start this comic until I have a professional looking site, ready to wow the crowd. Something I could look at and be proud of.

For the next several months, I will be working full time once again at that job, listening to those same songs on that same bus and thinking only about this goal.

And in what little free time I get, I will spend it on coding this html, this css, creating the images. Doing the background work in preparation for this adventure.

So when it's ready, I hope you'll all join me.

Until that time comes, I'll keep you posted on my social channels.